Chatfield Electric has been around for over 20 years!

Since 1993, Chatfield Electric has been offering electrical services for new construction, residential and commercial to the China Spring, Waco and surrounding areas. Our electricians are licensed and take pride in providing personal, ethical service and expert work. Our services include electrical system design, electric breaker box installation, service upgrades, lighting inspections and repairs, audio-visual systems wiring and more. For free estimate, call or email us today!

Texas Department of Licensing & Registering

Each electrician on our staff carries a license with the State Electrical Board and are supervised under Master Electrical Contractor, Mark A. Chatfield Lic. #7502, owner and operator.

2014 National Electrical Code Became Effective September 1, 2014

The Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act requires the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to adopt the revised National Electrical Code (NEC) as the electrical code for the state of Texas. On November 21, 2013, Justification for Adoption of Amendments to Electrician Licensing Administrative Rules and established the 2014 NEC as the “minimum standard” for all electrical work in Texas covered by the Act.

Chapter 1305.201 of the Act provides municipalities the authority to make local amendments to the 2014 NEC; however, any proposal to amend these standards should be done in accordance with NEC 90.4 which stipulates that “the authority having jurisdiction may waive specific requirements in this Code or permit alternative methods where it is assured that equivalent objectives can be achieved by establishing and maintaining effective safety.

Any non-exempt electrical work started on or after September 1, 2014 must be installed in accordance with the 2014 NEC. For purposes of clarification, the “start” of electrical work is the day the electrician begins installing electrical materials or equipment within the residential or commercial building structure. Inside the corporate limits of a municipality, electricians must abide by city permitting requirements and adhere to any local code amendments.

Beginning September 1, 2014, all examinations for state electrical licenses will be based on the 2014 NEC. The state electrical exams are available through PSI Exams Online, who has contracted with TDLR to develop, maintain, and administer the state electrician licensing examinations. It is important for license candidates to review the Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) which contains detailed information regarding the examinations and is vital to understanding the process.

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Selling $400 jeans with fake mud on them is absurd. --Mike Rowe

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Thank you Obamacare.... ugh we recvd this notice from INDEPENDENT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS.

IEC Members,
Some of you may be aware that our Insurance Partner Federated has announced they will no longer be offering health insurance effective January 1, 2018. Jeff Fetters, Federates Chairman, President and CEO cited the reason being "uncertainty and upheaval in health insurance market" brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as “Obamacare”.

We know Federate pulling out of Health Insurance market and just the overall "upheaval" brought about by the Affordable Care Act may be causing a negative impact on our members, so I have requested the assistance from Robert Dooley, our health insurance agent and Aetna provider for many years. I have had a longstanding relationship with Rob and I’m sure he can help!

Aetna has a new program that complies with the federal guidelines for health insurance, but does not have to follow some of the negative rules brought about by the ACA. For example "gender neutral rating" is part of the ACA law. This means men and women must be charged the same rates regardless of utilization. Historically men do not go to the doctors as often as women and do not have babies, this cause companies that are predominately male to pay more premium than they otherwise should.

The plans that Rob has with Aetna, do gender rating, go down to groups of five employees enrolled and require groups to medically qualify. These rates have proven to be significantly lower than ACA “Obamacare” plans.

PLEASE NOTE: Federated Insurance is a strong GOLD Partner with CenTex IEC and will continue to provide us with General Liability, Workers Comp and Auto Coverage. Feel free to contact Oscar Ramirez at or by phone at (512) 387-7285 for more information on how you can save money with Federated.
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This is what happens when you plan your weekly work schedule around the weather man BUT neither rain nor mud can stop our work!! ... See MoreSee Less

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